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Quito is the capital city of Ecuador, surrounded by colonial buildings, crystal lakes, traditional adobe villages, and wide range of Italian restaurants. Quito is the city through which the Equator runs and therefore its names signifies center of the world. It is also the closet to the sun in the world. Beside attractions, this city also held lots of cultural events, concerts, and a best place to watch stars closely from the equator of the earth.


In the Andean region, Quito city is located in the safest country and as being a famous tourist place special protection is given to the tourist. For security purposes, closed circuit video cameras play an important role that help tourist, national and metropolitan police officers. Still it is always necessary to keep an eye on the surrounding areas and to follow a few practical tips to be secure from the petty thieves or bag snatchers.

Few security steps:

  • Avoid traveling alone and if possible take the help of local friends while roaming on the streets especially at night.
  • It is safe to keep all important documents, extra cash, and valuable items in a safe box of the hotel itself and carry identification proof or passport in the pocket.
  • It is advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure to valuable and expensive items in the crowded area.
  • Before visiting any tourist places, it is always better to ask about opening and closing times.
  • Keep an eye on the belongings especially while traveling in public transport.
  • It is not always safe to walk on the quiet streets at night so it is better to roam in the city by using taxi transportation.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from the police whenever you feel unsafe.


In this capital city, tipping is not compulsory as the services charges are already added for bills. Still tipping can be given only to appreciate exceptional service given by the restaurants of cafes. In a few places, service charges are not included and therefore it is good to round up the bill amount of the restaurants. Moreover, just like other American cities, if a bill is paid by credit card then leave a few coins in the form of tipping. For taxi drivers, tipping is not compulsory but just round up the fare amount.


Smoking is banned in public transportation and educational institutions. However, there are no strict rules regarding smoking especially at workplaces, or bars, and restaurants. Law has been passed which is mainly focused on smokers and smoke-free legislation is on to ban smoking completely. Few shopping malls in the city have their own policies regarding smoking and it is becoming a good example to make the city smoke-free. So it is advised to ask the waiter before lighting up the cigarette in the restaurants or bars or to check out signboards outside.

When to Travel

Quito city goes through a completely unpredictable climate all round the year. Mainly there are only two seasons; dry and wet seasons. The summer season lasts only for four months starts from the month of June to September. Mild daytime and cold nights are a normal pattern of the climate and as being the closest city to the equator all seasons are short. In the winter season, the temperature can be down at night, and rainfall is expected at any time. Many times all seasons can be seen in one day itself i.e. sunny morning, cloudy afternoons, and cold nights. It is always necessary to carry a raincoat if planning to visit this city in a wet season. Overall, the climate is not extremely hot or cold, and therefore city experiences a comfortable climate all around the year.

City Transport

The main means of transportation in this city is taxis and rental cars. Taxis with a taximeter are easily available at all the places and if there is no meter then it is necessary to negotiate on the price before entering the taxi. It is always safe to travel in taxis especially at night and fares can be double than the actual amount. Another option is to take car on rent and many big companies offer such type of service in Quito. For renting any car, keep driving license and credit card ready along with extra cash for tax and insurance coverage. Buses are available to get into city from other cities and few terminals for inner circle. Cycling is the best option to explore this city as there are special paths covering area of 71km of city.

Emergency Numbers

Calling Code+593
City Code02
Fire Department102
Ambulance / Medical Emergency131
Police (emergency)101
Emergency service911