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Ecuador is a shopper’s dream destination with its genie-like shopping places where you get everything you wish for. Be it high-class designer products, handicrafts , souvenirs, local products, everything can be bought here. The crafts section is the most attractive as Latin American countries are known for their rich traditions of textiles, paintings and sculpture, which have been passed down from generation to generation to generation.

Otavalo Market

A visit to Quito is incomplete without a visit to the famous Otavalo Market. It is the largest indigenous market in South America run by the locals who are known for their weaving work for the last 400 years. Here you will find the most unique and traditional handicrafts produced by Otavaleños people, such as carved wooden parrots, world-famed Ecuadorian textiles, ethnic wear, cashmere, shawls, wood carvings, etc. Just a two-hour drive from Quito, this place is not something that can be seen in a day. So stay in the Otavalo town, enjoy and go on a shopping spree!

Address: Otavalo Town, Imbabura Province, Ecuador

Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal

Located between Reina Victoria and Juan León Mera on Jorge Washington road, Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal is a huge market that sells traditional Ecuadorian handicraft articles. Comparatively new, the hundreds of stalls are permanent and are open seven days a week. You can find various items such as carved wooden articles, silver jewellery, textiles, native musical instruments, and many more.

Address: Juan León Mera, Quito 170509, Ecuador

Mercado La Floresta

Ecuador benefits the most when it comes to fruits and vegetables because of its tropical position and sunshine all year round. The La Floresta neighbourhood of Quito is one such place that houses an open-air market on Galavis street. The open-air market houses several stalls, selling food products such as jams, Chilean pasties, organically grown fruits and vegetables, etc. Along with the open-air market which is best visited on Friday, there is a closed market building open only on Sundays selling fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, and food stalls.

Address: Galavis 237, Quito 170143, Ecuador

Shopping Malls in Quito

CCI (Centro Comercial Iñaquito) (Visit CCI)

A huge, expansive mall that includes various stores selling all kinds of branded and local goods varying from food, clothing, electronics, books, etc. It also includes a multiplex cinema theatre, ice skating rink, arcade and several American and Ecuadorian food courts.

Address: Av. Amazonas N36 y Naciones Unidas, Quito, Ecuador

EI Jardin Mall

An upmarket mall with several stores, food courts and coffee shops. It mainly sells electronic items, sporting goods, books, stationery, medicines, and antiques. It also comprises a supermarket to buy daily groceries.

Address: Av.Amazonas, Av. de la República N16-114 y, Quito 170518, Ecuador

Quicentro (Visit Quicentro)

A large, open mall, spread over three floors with more than 200 stores. Its wide variety of stores include higher-end stores, eateries, fruit markets, food courts, salons, jewellery stores, antique shops, bakeries, clothing along with a cinema, a bowling alley.

Address: Avenida Naciones Unidas between Avenida 6 de Diciembre and, Av. de los Shyris, Quito, Ecuador

Caracol Shopping Mall

One of the first modern shopping malls opened in Quito. It is an exciting place to shop, eat, and have fun due to the variety of items available in stores and restaurants. It also has spiral parking space, a playground for kids, and entertainment venues.

Address: Av. Amazonas N37 y, Quito 170507, Ecuador