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Ecuador has always witnessed its trials and tribulations in history from Incas’ to the Spanish Empire to the present day. This heritage is preserved in several museums and galleries for future generations. Most of the museums are located in the Centro Histórico (Historical Center) of Quito. Exhibits mainly include personal works of great artists, relics of archaeological excavations in and around Ecuador and paintings and carvings dating to the Spanish rule.

Here are some popular museums in Quito, Ecuador.

Museum Alberto Mena Caamaño Quito

Museum showcases the historical content of Quito, most of which is Alberto Mena Caamaño’s collection of paintings dating back to the 16th and 17th-centuries.

Address: Eugenio Espejo, Quito 170401, Ecuador

Sucre House (Museo Casa de Sucre)

The museum was the home of José Antonio de Sucre, hero of Ecuadorian independence. The ground floor contains weapons and military equipment of Sucre, while the second floor contains old furniture and rooms from Sucre’s era.

Address: Venezuela, Quito 170401, Ecuador

National Museum of Ecuador (Museo Nacional del Ecuador)

The museum displays more than 1500 artefacts from pre-Incan civilization to the present day. It also contains gold articles, mummies, tools, clothing, paintings from colonial times to the republican era, Contemporary art pieces.

Address: Avenida Patria (between Avenida 6 de Diciembre and Avenida 12 de Octubre), Quito, Ecuador

Museo Amazonico (Museo Antropológico Amazónico Quito)

The museum showcase ceramics, pottery, clothes and hunting instruments of the native Amazonians.

Address: Ave 12 de Octubre &, Quito 170143, Ecuador

Museum of the City (Museo de la Ciudad) (Visit Museo de la Ciudad)

It is a spacious two-storied building displaying memorabilias like horse-drawn carriages and colonial-era artefacts. The beautiful and peaceful courtyard of this museum offers a preview of south Quito.

Address: García Moreno, Quito 170405, Ecuador

Museum Of Maria Augusta Urrutia

Once the home of philanthropist Maria Augusta, the house includes works dedicated to Maria’s life, her portraits, personal diaries and letters etc. The upper floor has been maintained the same way as in the year 1987 when she died. It offers a detailed view of her daily life displaying personal belongings like a comb, clothes, etc.

Address: García Moreno 760, Quito 170401, Ecuador

Iglesia y Museo de Santo Domingo

The museum is located inside the Iglesia y de Santo Domingo Church. Exhibits include religious paintings and sculptures from the 16th and 17th centuries displayed in the courtyard.

Address: Calle Guayaquil S1-76, Quito 170130, Ecuador

Museo Franciscano Fray Pedro Gocial

Situated inside the Monastery of San Francisco, this art museum showcases religious art and paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries. The works of Miguel de Santiago are also displayed.

Address: Cuenca 477 y, Quito 170401, Ecuador

Fundación Guayasamín

Works of Oswaldo Guayasamín, who expressed pain, grief and misery through his paintings and sculptures are displayed here. The museum is housed in his home, devoted to his personal collection of paintings and archaeological pieces from colonial times.

Address: E18-94 y Barrio, Mariano Calvache, Quito 170122, Ecuador

Museo Jacinto Jijón y Caamaño

Located on the first floor of the Library of Universidad Católica del Ecuador. It showcases private archaeological collections by Jijón y Caamaño donated by his wife to the PUCE. Paintings mostly depict life in pre-Columbian Ecuador.

Address:: Avenida 12 de Octubre 1076 y Vicente Ramón Roca. Edificio del Centro Cultural 2do. piso., Quito, Ecuador

Museo Camilo Egas

Works of Ecuador’s best artist Camilo Egas (1898-1962), collected by the Central Bank of Ecuador are displayed in this museum. It also has a workshop called “Experience Camilo Egas” for visitors.

Address: Calle Venezuela, N9 02, Quito, Ecuador

Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales

Palaeontology exhibits from Ecuador like a skeleton of a megatrend found in San Jose, mastodon, rodents, mollusks, etc.

Address: Rumipamba 341 and Av. de Los Shyris (Parque La Carolina), Quito, Ecuador

Popular Art Galleries in Quito

Quito has always been the centre of interest for art connoisseurs. The city enjoys the title of “Cultural Capital of Humanity” due to its constant greed to promote Ecuadorian art on an international platform. Paintings and sculptures from Spanish rulers can be found at museums, while a person with an eye for a genuine art piece can pick up worthy pieces at Mercado Artesanal, a market at El Ejido park or shops outside the Mitad del Mundo. Art Galleries in Quito presents specialised art including La Galeria, Karnak and Exedra Fundación.

Marsu Arte
Address: Quito 170157, Ecuador

Galería Gogh
Address: Quito 170517, Ecuador

Galeria Arte Beltrán
Address: y J. Washington, Reina Victoria N21-30, Quito 170517, Ecuador

Opus Mae Art Gallery
Address: Centro Comercial Naciones Unidas, Local S14, Avenida Naciones Unidas E5-47, Quito 170102, Ecuador

+ARTE galería
Address: 12 de Octubre N26-48 y Abraham Lincoln, Edificio Mirage, PB, Quito, Ecuador

YeZaVe Gallery Art
Address: Machala, Quito 170104, Ecuador

Galería de No Lugar
Address: Vicente León, Quito 170136, Ecuador

Address: Quito 170130, Ecuador

Imaginar Casa de Arte cumbaya
Address: Local #7 Av. Interoceánica S/N, Quito, Ecuador

Address: Interoceanica Centro, Quito 170184, Ecuador

San LucasTaller de Arte
Address: Riobamba n54-165 y, Quito 170104, Ecuador


Stadiums in Quito other than being the venue for soccer matches also play an important role in arranging musical and theatre concerts where the audience crosses thousands.

Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa
Address: 6 de Diciembre and Naciones Unidas, Quito, Ecuador

Coliseo Rumiñahui
Address: 6 Avenida Ladrón de Guevara y Toledo, Quito, Ecuador