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  • Cinemas

Viewing cinemas is a popular activity among Quito people with English films being shown on a large scale, but maybe with Spanish sub titles. Most of the cinema theatres in the city are multiplexes that provide an excellent audio-video setting. The type of films shown at these multiplexes may vary from old European / Hollywood films to the new releases. There are some exceptions like Casa de la Cultura which shows experimental art films on a regular basis.

  • Multicines

Screens: Eight Screens, new releases for both Hollywood and European films

Address 1: Centro Comercial El Condado. Av. Mariscal Sucre y Av. John F. Kennedy, Quito, Ecuador

Address 2: Multicines El Recreo : Av. Maldonado 14-205, Quito, Ecuador

Address 3: Multicines C.C.I. : Av. Amazonas y Naciones Unidas, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 3802195, +593 2 3802196, +593 2 3802197, +593 2 3802198

For more information, Visit Multicines

  • Cinemark

Screens: Ten Screens, new releases for both Hollywood and European films

Address: Plaza las Americas mall, Av. de la República y America, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2692015, +593 32852695

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  • Ocho y Medio

Screens: experimental, art and classic Latin cinema, Hollywood and European films. Hosts Eurocine film festival every year.

Address: OCHOYMEDIO 2007, Valladolid N24 - 353 y Vizcaya, 2904720 , La Floresta - Ventura Mall, Tumbaco, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2904720

For more information, Visit Ocho y Medio

  • Cine en la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana

Screens: both Latin and International classic and art films. Organizes film festivals for European and American films.

Address: Avenida Patria y 12 de Octubre, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2543478

For more information, Visit Cine en la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana

  • Theatres

Quito comprises of a number of theatres that hosts a number of events and festivals each year. The large concert halls are a stage to number of theatrical performances, puppet shows, music recitals, and dance presentations. With increasing years, the performing art scene is diversifying with international troupes, experimental theatre, and high quality music bands. Tourists should surely give a visit to the following visit to the following theatres to make their trip memorable.

  • Teatro Nacional Sucre and Teatro Variedades

Teatro Nacional Sucre first opened in 1867 in Quito’s Old Town at Plaza del Teatro Manabí. Since then, it has risen to become the city’s most popular theatres which is frequently visited by people to watch operas, ballet performances, modern theatre and music events. Teatro Variedades may be a smaller theatre than Teatro Sucre but presents more assorted performances. It is also includes a café called Café del Teatro. The Plaza del Teatro which lies in front of these two theatres is also used to stage plays. Both these theatres have witnessed performances of great musicians and performers who are well known on the international stage.

Address: Manabí N 8 - 131 entre Guayaquil y Flores, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2572823, +593 2 2280982

For more information, Visit Teatro Nacional Sucre

  • Casa de la Música

Casa de la Música is one of the top auditoriums in the city, designed in such a way by Austrian engineers, that today it has become the top venue for many concerts throughout the year. The Fundación Filarmónica Casa de la Música is an integral part of the Casa de la Música and has played an important function in promoting classical music in the city.

Address: Valderrama s/n y AV. Mariana de Jesús (subida Hosp. Metropolitano), Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2267093, +593 2 2261965, +593 2 2263769

  • Teatro Malayerba

Teatro Malayerba which has been running to packed houses since1996 has played an important role in bringing forward novel yet entertaining theatrical experiences among youngsters. They also arrange workshop and training sessions for amateur actors.

Address: Sodiro 345 y Av. 6 de Diciembre (junto a la Iglesia del Belen), Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2235463

  • Teatro Patio de Comedias

In its initial stages this theatre was formed as private enterprise by theatre lovers, but today almost 100 theatre performers are a part of this group. The speciality in their plays is the originality and the range they provide in their scripts. International and Ecuadorian artists love to stage their plays, dance performances and concerts with this group.

Address: 18 de Septiembre E4-26 entre 9 de Octubre y Av. Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 9 6010793

Fax: +593 2 2561902

For more information, Visit Teatro Patio de Comedias

  • Teatro Bolivar

Teatro Bolivar is one of Quito’s most impressive theatres, which was inaugurated in 1933 with a design plan by Hoffman & Henon. Since then it was badly damaged in fire, but once again stood on it feet, after renovation. Today, it can accommodate 1,000 visitors who come there to watch various theatre, music and dance performances.

Address: Flores 421 y Junín, Centro Histórico de Quito, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2582486, +593 2 2582487

For more information, Visit Teatro Bolivar

  • El Teatro del CCI

Address: CCI Iñaquito, Avenida Amazonas and Nacionas Unidas, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2921308

  • Casa de la Cultura

Address: Avenida 12 de Octubre y Patria, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2528840

  • Stadiums

Stadiums in Quito other than being the venue for soccer matches also play an important part in arranging musical and theatre concerts where the audience numbers can cross thousands. Most of them can accommodate more than 10,000 visitors.

  • Coliseo Rumiñahui

Seating Capacity: 16,000

Address: 6 Avenida Ladrón de Guevara y Toledo, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2508458

Fax: +593 2 2508459

  • Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa

Seating Capacity: 50,000

Address: 6 de Diciembre and Naciones Unidas, Quito, Ecuador

Tel: +593 2 2247510, +593 2 2959632