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Quiteños get their own entertaining share of a chilly nightlife when the sun settles down. There are a lot of opportunities available depending upon your mood and choice. If you want you can chill & relax at a bar or a cafe or if you live on risks then go on money spending spree at one of the casinos. Most of the nightclubs and cafe are open till late at night (they mostly shut down at 3.00am), but there are the odd ones which are open for 24 hours. Just a piece of advice is that Quito is at a higher altitude than other Latin American cities, making the atmosphere quite cold. So remember that when you venture out to freak out. But there’s not need to worry, as all the mugs of beer and glasses of wine will surely keep you warm. While travelling down the streets at night, which are frequented by nightclubs and bars.

Top 5 Bars and Pubs

Café Sutra
Address: 380, Calama and Juan León Mera, La Mariscal, Quito, Ecuador

Turtle’s Head
Address: La Pinta N4-432, Quito 170517, Ecuador

Address: La Pinta, Quito 170135, Ecuador

Address: Subsuelo Chito y Giron 12, Av. Gral. Ignacio de Veintimilla 325, Quito 170143, Ecuador

La Reina Victoria
Address: Reina Victoria 530 y Roca, Quito, Ecuador

Best 5 Dance Clubs in Quito

Address: Av. Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Quito 170146, Ecuador

515 Night Club
Address: N35-119 e, Quito 170507, Ecuador

Crystal Club
Address: Quito 170146, Ecuador

Salsoteca Lavoe
Address: Iñaquito, Quito 170135, Ecuador

Bungalow 6
Address: Diego de Almagro N24-151 y, Quito 170170, Ecuador